Solid aluminum thresholds
Made in the United States of America

Industrial strength solid aluminum threshold
Durability is Everything
Solid Aluminum Thresholds
The Permanent Solution
Available in up to 20' lengths!

Solid Aluminum Thresholds That Work!

Standard Sizes Available

Width Height Click to View
4" 1/2" 4 inch wide
4 1/2 " 1/2" transition threshold
5" 1/4" 5 inch wide
5" 1/2" 5 inch wide
6" 1/2" 6 inch wide

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threshold view before and after installation of Solid Threshold

Solid Thresholds Offer

DURABILITY - Capable of Withstanding heavier loads than hollow thresholds

WEATHER RETARDING - Can be weather stripped at installation to retard water passage into adjacent areas

WITHSTANDS TOUGH TRAFFIC - Superior Fastening Method

TRACTION FRIENDLY - Angled ramps and traction grooves

SECURITY SENSOR WIRE SETUP - Wire track for wire protection

Solid Thresholds Options

Thresholds can be delivered with a variety of custom finishes and hardware to suit your needs such as:

  • Notching of ends to suit
  • Other machining as installation requires
  • Finish options such as color anodizing and clear sealant
  • Fasteners for any flooring
  • Available in up to 20' lengths !

Our Solid Aluminum door sills are perfect for garage doors and are effective as a garage door water barrier

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